Headed to Denali Park?

Headed to Denali Park, Wrangell-St. Elias or Valdez?  Add the “Wrangell St. Elias or Valdez?”
Your Alaskan Adventure begins here!  The Denali Highway is the original route to the Park!  Lightly traveled, but in excellent condition, this 130-mile road has limited lodging.  Denali Highway Tours and Cabins offers comfortable, secluded, accommodations within a few miles of the Maclaren Glacier.  If you are a traveler who is looking for lodging that is more than just another hotel room, then this is the place for you!  Spectacular peaks of the Alaska Range are at your doorstep.  Moose, caribou, grizzlies and timber wolves call this area home.

The scenic Denali Highway offers some of the only alpine tundra available on the Alaskan road system. Hike on glacial moraine, fish for Arctic Grayling, and enjoy some of the most diverse birding of Interior Alaska. Gyr Falcon, arctic warblers, northern shrikes and Say’s Phoebes nest in the immediate vicinity. We boast one of the highest concentrations of nesting waterfowl in Interior Alaska.

Denali cabins

Guests canoe with beaver, river otter and Trumpeter Swans along the Maclaren River. The short, frantic summers give birth to a myriad of wildflowers and photo opportunities abound.

Denali Highway Tours and Cabins is also home to a championship Yukon Quest and Iditarod sled dog kennel. Daily tours and rides are available daily, weather permitting, both summer and winter. Our gift shop on the premises offers a variety of authentic Alaska made items. Our cabins are fully furnished; with decks and cooking facilities.

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About the Denali Highway

The Denali Highway is one most scenic drives in the United States. This well-maintained 135 mile route connects the Richardson Highway with the Parks Highway enroute to Denali National Park.

Prior to the completion of the Parks Highway in 1971, the Denali was the only route to the Park. The first 20 miles of the eastern end of the is paved to Tangle Lakes, a good gravel roadway takes over for the remaining 110 miles.

The view from the Maclaren Summit is an awe-inspiring panorama of Alaska Range peaks and the Maclaren Glacier---almost close enough to touch!

Milepost 42
Denali Highway Tours and Cabins, (milepost 42), nestles along the banks of the glacier fed Maclaren River. The highway then meanders along glacial eskers and between shallow lakes for 35 miles before dipping back below treeline and crossing the Susitna River. From the Susitna River you will back above timber for most of the 55 miles to Cantwell and the George Parks Highway. (MAP)

The Denali Highway is like an uncrowded version of Denali Park.  There are many trails available for hiking or mountain biking.  There is excellent canoeing in the Maclaren valley and on Tangle Lakes.

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alaska moose
  Wildlife viewing...
Wildlife abounds along the Denali Highway. This is the home of the Nelchina caribou herd---35,000 strong. This herd summers along the highway and in the surrounding mountains; they are visible during most of traveling season.

Moose frequent the area ponds and can be seen early mornings and late evenings especially around milepost 50. Grizzly bears, foxes, wolves and porcupines are commonly sighted.

alaska swans

Birding is a common activity on our highway; all three species of Ptarmigan reside in this alpine terrain. Arctic Warblers, Arctic Terns, Jaegers, and myriad of waterfowl nest in the area. One of the highest nesting concentrations of Trumpeter Swans in the U.S. is here; easily visible from the roadway.

Our picnic area on the banks of the Maclaren River overlooks the Maclaren Valley and the Maclaren Glacier while hundreds of nesting cliff swallows keep mosquitos to a minimum.

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