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About Us....
Family owned and operated, John, Zoya and Jona invite you to their home and cabins on the Denali Highway.

A quiet, simple way of life. No televisions, no cell phones just lots of fresh air and plenty of Alaskan beauty to enjoy.

John & Zoya savor everyday living the Alaskan lifestyle. They invite you to taste a few days of real Alaska, at Milepost 42.

About our lifestyle....

Denali Highway Tours and Crazy Dog Kennels is an environmentally friendly place; most businesses in Alaska that are off of the power grid are powered by a diesel generator that runs 24 hours a day.

We are solar powered and supported by a battery bank. Our water system works off of a holding tank and high pressure gravity flow. Generator use is kept to the minimum necessary to operate the laundry facilities.  
2013 will see the addition of a small turbine-type water generator that will add to the capacity of our power system.


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contact us by email teamzoya@yahoo.com


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