The Gin Gin 200 for 2012 is canceled.  {lack of time....}    

| 2011 Gin Gin 200 Race Rules (PDF) | 2011 Gin Gin 200 Entry Forms (PDF) |

2011 Purse $12,500

( $6,000 purse for each division)
1st Place $2,400, 2nd Place $1,800, 3rd Place $1,200, 4th Place $600
There will also be a $500 Veterinary Award. Should the purse increase, the payout will increase accordingly. There are also gift certificates and prizes. Mushers: please send your sponsor info, bio and pic to Theresa at sleddog@alaska.net
Mail entry form to Gin Gin 200 HC 2 box 7193 Gakona, AK 99586

Trail Report: Posted 12/23/11 - Chuck McMahon and John ran the entire 200 plus miles of the race trail. Meiers-Paxson. 18 miles, heavy snow, soft going; tough to hook down because of the soft pack base. Minor overflow on Paxson Lake. Moose activity the last 3 miles into Paxson. Paxson to Maclaren. 42 miles; race mile 60. Very good trail; can hook down virtually everywhere. Only pavement is a 100 yard section at milepost 4. Groomed from milepost 22 to Maclaren. Maclaren-Alpine. 85 miles. Race mile 145. Fair trail. Some overflow, mostly short sections and nothing over your boots. Some holes, some cracks. This trail should improve with the additional snow. The last 11miles of this section is on the Denali Highway, and though mostly uphill, is hard and fast. Alpine will have water and food available, and a sleeping area for mushers. Alpine-finish. 68 miles. Race mile 213. Alpine to Maclaren is 26 miles. Good trail. Can hook down, though there are some windblown areas. We will have mass starts for both divisions; Women at 11 am. Men at noon. Remember, food drops for Alpine can be no heavier than 30#'s.

Notice race changes and updates:
  • The race will begin at Meier's Lake Roadhouse, mp 171 on the Richardson, Highway.
  • Musher meeting at 8am, vet check to follow.
  • The women's division will mass start at 11:00am on Meier's Lake and the men's division to mass start at 12:00pm
  • Your hospitality stop at mile 42 on the Denali Highway will have three cabins available for resting. A race official will be there during the first half of the race keeping the cabin fires burning. Hot chili will be available and hot at no cost to the mushers. Cold water may be available, we will try to open a hole in a near by lake or pond. Be prepared to melt snow if not.
  • Dog drop fee has been dropped to $25.00 per dog.
  • The race route goes from Meier's Lake Roadhouse to Alpine Lodge to Paxson Lodge. Map of route click here - feel free to email any trail questions to the Gin Gin 200 trail boss; John Schandelmeier. schandelmeier@yahoo.com
    Other Gin Gin 200 trail breakers this year are Ian, Nick and Casey.
  • Race finish will still be Paxson Lodge.
  • Awards banquet and dinner will be held at Meier's Lake Roadhouse on the 30th.
  • The Gin Gin 200 will make a final purse announcement around the 15th Dec.
  • Gin Gin 200 posters, Caps, Hoodies and patches will all be available at both start and finish locations.

Good Luck training! See you at the Gin Gin 200!

For trail and race questions, please contact Zoya or John at teamzoya@yahoo.com.

Entry forms:
Click here (PDF)

Mail entry form to: Gin Gin 200 - HC 2 box 7193 Gakona, AK 99586

Who was Gin Gin?
The Gin Gin 200 is named after a remarkable dog who dominated a dog kennel for over 10 years. She was an inspiration both on the trail and in the dog yard. She was a dog with unswerving loyalty and stubbornness. She did not know” quit”. Her ability, drive and attitude should serve as an example to dog drivers everywhere.

Enjoy a Little You Tube fun from the previous Gin Gin 200's ...

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