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Summer Kennel Tours & Trips

Our kennel is home to an experienced core of Alaskan Huskies.  Iditarod finisher Zoya DeNure or 2-time Yukon Quest champion John Schandelmeier will be your guide as they take you through a unique experience in a true Alaskan Sled dog kennel.  Crazy Dog Kennels, in addition to being a competitive racing kennel, is a rescue/rehabilitation kennel for unwanted Alaskan huskies.  We retrain these dogs for recreational homes or life as a companion.  Many of these retrained dogs have gone on to race with us in winning teams. 

We offer a variety of trips and tours for any season. 

We offer extensive, comprehensive Kennel Tours for only $15.00 per person with special rates for groups of 5 or more.  Our tour will take you through the history and life of a sled dog, cover the equipment, training and trail procedures of the Iditarod and Yukon Quest.  You will meet the dogs who are veterans of these races.  This tour will take about an hour.

Don’t have an hour?  Do a guided kennel walk-through to meet the puppies and the dogs who run the Iditarod!  Give yourself a half-hour for only $10.00 per person.
Take a ride in our comfortable wheeled cart that seats 6 persons.  You will be amazed at the power of the dogs that pull you along on a three-mile ride!  $20.00 per person, 2-person minimum.  6 persons for $100.00.

For August and September; do a guided overnight off-road trip on a wheeled-cart.  You will travel to a glacier river and spend the night on the trail with a 12-dog team of veteran Alaska Huskies.  Tents and food will be furnished by your guide. 350.00 pp, 2 person min. required  

Specialty trips are also available; we also offer a 28-mile, 2-day trip. Check for availability and prices.

Sled dog tours

Winter Kennel Tours & Trips

We offer many winter Dogsledding options, from day trips to week-long trips.  Rides are also available.  We have the only Double sled in the world!  Learn to drive your own team with an instructor at your side!

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Special trips for 2012

  • Yukon Quest Tour;  This is a 5-day package beginning in Fairbanks, Alaska.  You will travel by truck to Circle City and then along the Yukon Quest Trail by snowmobile from Circle City, Alaska-- to Eagle, Alaska via the Yukon River.  You will meet Quest teams on the trail as they race for the finish line in Fairbanks.  Trail lodging and snowmobiles are provided.  You will travel with one of the most experienced trail guide in Alaska; 2-time Yukon Quest champion John Schandelmeier.  John is a life-long Alaskan, born on a homestead and a veteran of over 50 years in the Alaskan backcountry.  He has logged over 100,000 miles by dog sled and 150,000 miles by snowmachine. 
    • 4-person maximum. 
    • $2,295.00 per person. 
    • E-mail; for detailed information. 
    • Reservations required.  
  • Iditarod Tour;  This is also a 5-day package.  Your trip begins in Anchorage and includes the ceremonial start with Iditarod finisher Zoya DeNure.  Help her prepare for her 2012 Iditarod.  You will also go along and help out with the team on the restart the following day in Willow, Alaska.  You will then travel to Skwentna by snowmobile along the Iditarod Trail and watch the sled dogs come through!  You will go on to the more remote checkpoint at Finger Lake.  John Schandelmeier will be your guide.  You will return to Anchorage at the end of your trip.  Trail lodging, trip transportation and snowmobiles are provided as part of your tour. 
    • 5-person maximum. 
    • $1995.00 per person. 
    • E-mail for detailed information. 
    • Reservations required.


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